Easy roof system permavent

Easy roof system permavent (5)

Following years of development it is now possible to extend the boundaries of slate roofing whilst still maintaining the traditional appearance and installation methods that remain such an important part of the roofing trade.

The unique and patented Easy Roof Slating System offers:

– Compatibility with any slate and any system

– Low pitch slating

– Improved roof ventilation

– Elimination of wind slate rattle

– Prevention of broken and slipped slates

– A low impact that is the ideal solution for listed and conservation buildings

– High level of versatility

– A dramatic improvement in the performance of any slate roof by between 200 and 500%

The Easy Roof System is designed not only for use on problem roofs, but it can be used to improve the performance of any slate roof, and is therefore ideally suited to public and socially responsible roofs.