Classicbond EPDM Membrane

Classicbond EPDM Membrane (5)

Classicbond EPDM £9.03 plus vat per m2

Rubber roofing can be laid by most competent ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiasts, roofers or building contractors

The best surface to use is OSB3 (sterling board).

Use 11mm thick, if over boarding an existing roof or 18mm thick, if stripping off the existing boards or starting a new roof.

Around the edge of your roof, draw a 100mm (4 inches) in from each side.

Inside this line, water based epdm adhesive is applied using a normal emulsion roller.

This adhesive is quite forgiving and any bubbles under the EPDM membrane can be brushed towards the edge.

Please note this adhesive is only applied to one surface, the boards.

Once you are happy with this, fold back the rubber membrane to reveal the final 100mm around the edge.

This same principle also applies to any vertical surface.

Apply the epdm contact adhesive to both the rubber and the OSB3 board with a small roller.

This contact adhesive is very strong and will potentially destroy the roller, so make sure you have spares.

It is best to work on a meter (3 feet) at a time.

Wait until the EPDM glue has tacked off, meaning to the touch, it creates a strand between your finger and the boards.

Bring the two surfaces together, brushing from inside towards the outer edge.

You now have a water tight roof and you can now work on any trims for vertical surfaces.

Please see our video on the home page for a visual guide.

Below is one of the leading brands of EPDM rubber we can supply you with. Please click Classicbond logo. This will enable you to enter the length you require and view the price instantly. We can send you a free EPDM sample upon request. If you are not feeling confident in your ability, we hold a regular inhouse EPDM training course. Once completed, you recieve a compentency certificate, which enables you to become a roof shop approved installer, qualifying for discounts and to be able to offer your customers a EPDM 20 year guarantee.

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