Dakea Ultima Windows

Dakea Ultima Windows (5)

Dakea Ultima is proof that in the search for better, we have no equal. These exceptional roof windows excel with their superb technical parameters, unique noise reduction system, increased durability and comfort.

Dakea Ultima have an innovative noise reduction system, which mutes up to 50% of traffic and rain noise. Superb energy efficiency of 1.2 W/m2K is provided by outstanding glazing with two low-emission coatings and a krypton filling.

The pane preserves heat in winter and protects against it in summer. Additionally, it blocks 95% of the UV radiation to prevent colour fading. For care-free maintenance, the external pane has a self-cleaning coating.

Dakea Ultima is reinforced and resistant to category II hurricanes. Its external pane is extra thick and toughened and the internal one is laminated to ensure full impact protection and a lifetime warranty against hail.

The solid wooden frame with a central axis of rotation has 2 layers of lacquer and comes in 2 colours: natural wood and white.

We are so certain of the high quality of our windows, that we give them a 20 year guarantee – the longest guarantee on the market, with no registration requirement.